The heart of a company
is their people.

Our staff is our soul

Our carefully picked team is at the essence of our company.
We care about ethics, nature and moral standards.
Our love to detail and personal touch is obvious to all our guests. Our team is always here to help and provide the highest service possible with a smile.

ClubHouse27 was founded in 2007 by Timothy Haupler and Aleksandra Trampus and is set in the heart of the Garraf region. Villas Sitges is also part of the family run business.

Over the past few years the project has grown steadily.
ClubHouse27 now has three business lines, an eco-gastro restaurant, Villas Sitges with 3 beautiful manor houses, and an Events department, offering a wide range of services for both private and corporate events.

The combination of culture, recreation and leisure offered by ClubHouse27 is enhanced by the close proximity of the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees and of course, the wonderful city of Barcelona.

There are very few locations around the world that can offer such variety and stimulation.

At ClubHouse27 we are focused on an ecological, sustainable and responsible approach to tourism.

Aleksandra and Tim are entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and how to improve.

They have not lost their sense of wonder and this is why they are always pushing the boundaries and creating new ideas and concepts. But fundamentally their core values are at the heart of ClubHouse27…it´s simple…. protect our very beautiful and delicate environment, put your heart and soul into what you do and never give less than a hundred percent.

ClubHouse27 will launch soon Luxury Retreats Barcelona – holistic retreats for body, mind & soul.

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